Growing up

Growing up was great! Traveling the world at a young age and spending time with family! There was never a dull moment. Until I became a teenager when you start to see the world in color and just not black and white. My pre-teen years and teenage years were some of my hardest times. I didn’t have anyone to guide me! I had a father but at the same time I didn’t, he lived in the same house as I did but I still never had my father as a teen. It still saddens me til this day looking at other girls with their fathers and the fact that I don’t have a bond with mine bothers me. He’s there financially but emotionally he wasn’t and isn’t now. I blame him for all of the things that happened to me. I grew up too fast looking for love in the wrong places at 15 just wanting to be loved by someone… anyone really. I was taken advantage of, cheated on, and all of the above. I knew nothing about love or how a man was supposed to treat a woman or how boys thought about a girl with a pretty smile and big ole booty. To them I was just a piece of meat and I wouldn’t realize this until high school.